Happy birthday 2015

Diary entry 17th March 2015


If each of this was a million dollars, we’d close this deal at grand 24 now. They say the best deal’s on the table.

But life’s not really a gamble as it seems. The best’s yet to come. Maybe a trip down memory lane ain’t a bad idea.

I can’t remember being born. But i remember being all bundled up in shaws, looking around wondering, “What’s up all ye freaks, you cold-blooded?” That was in Mombasa. I mean, suddenly reality crept in. The world was a a cold place, and has always been.

Later, parents taught me to walk but after i caught up the trade, i was always holed up, in the house. Alone! That felt like a total rip off! First born things mehn. That’s when i learnt to speak to those things in my head. And solitude has always been a part of me.

What i didn’t understand though when i clinched 10 was T.V. I didn’t relish dad’s explanations, how a million demons would fit that small box. I mean, our neighbours each had two or more sets, and i fancied that if they did pet all those demons up, then their view of hell right from their house made them look cool. Anyway, i learnt to watch birds, trees, sunrise and the days go by. I also learnt to survive without the screen.

I was such a peep though, read neighbours’ TV. I remember how the roaring engine of dad’s approaching home would make the house’ front door look like how a hole did to a bunny when the shadow of an eagle floated near.

Mum, though, was feline. She’d know everything i did under the covers. Did you peeps hide cooking sticks to halt the ‘uji ya ndimu’ ritual? No? Anyway, if you dudes didn’t pee on fences for the thrill, not the urge; then you must have Google ‘sex’.

Yeah, that was teenage. I was the TV in the house. With all the demons? lol This feels stupid; whose son am I?

Being a chip of the old block, i courted the Bible at an early age. Even so, not for all the sense in it, but for the lack of it, then. I loved the stories.


(had to put systems down and trim some hedges. Yeah, that’s me spending my b’day)


… you must be the lot who Googled ‘s**’. Lol, now i look evil? Truth is truth.

Anyhow, we’re all chips of the old block. I courted the Bible, from an early age, because dad did. Even so, not for the sense in it, but seemingly for the lack of it, as it appeared then. I loved the stories. I still do. But the literature did it. The way it did blend with the craft; and the flashbacks delving into the future and fitting like the jigsaw, you can see how bait that was for me.

It looked like a series to me, with thriller episodes like Jonah and the fish that did sound like perfect fiction; to the Jesus turning water into wine episode then justifying my initial plunge into the ‘forbidden’, who wouldn’t cherish the Holy pages without TV? It’s true though; the letter killeth.

After a cruise … huh? … A stint through hell, i met the Truth. No. Truth met me. And drew me in. And let me stay.

Like the 3 wise men, i’ve met stars too grin emoticon. I think sometimes we’re drawn to certain people, events, places for no other reason than … Destiny. And you, reading this, are part of it; maybe the written story, or the yet unwritten part.

By the way, i’ve learnt stuff too. At times, the hard way. Even stuff like “ladies, like new electronics, should each come attached with manuals”.


Wait, it’s my birthday? And what are we waiting for? Hahaha, send me stuff! :).


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