Dare that storm!

Diary entry Feb 2 2015 :

In my early to rise probity, i decide to surprise siblings with mandazi. Oh yeah! bam! all procedures done, oil heated up, and i dump a triad into the oil. I run other errands then back to check on progress. The trio just wildly stares at me unchanged, uncooked n’ unpertubed. Then my already up kid siz hits me up with ‘reale’. The heat’s not fully turned up, so the oil’s not boiling. Huh?!

Well, i’d thought the munchies were pullin’ a John (the revelator) on me. They tried boiling the Holy Ghost out of him. Turned the heat up but dude was chillin’ right on there at his Hallelujah Corner. Tell you what? Even the enemy’s hot fiery rage, critics, gossip, false accusers and wild threats can’t melt God in you down. Stand!! Walk on the water. Dare that storm, you can even sleep in it like Jesus in that boat. Remember?

Good! That’s for a nice week ahead.


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