It’s simple: Literary, Humor and Creativity. Meet the Crew:
Writer dog is a self-proclaimed (hahaha) writer, a qualified accountant and an actuarial nerd. Strangest combination ever! Still in college as you are reading this. He does essay writing for academics and content writing for blogs and sites. Apparently, he’s specializing in writing entertainment humour and creative fictional pieces for this blog, http://www.wildventures.wordpress.com. Karibu sana!
WildGirlInCampus apparently goes by that name only. She’s an actuary and tweep who landed here after getting lost on twitter streets and decided to make a home. She’s good at those short stories in http://www.wildventures.wordpress.com. And she’s fat too. Enjoy me!

6 thoughts on “About

  1. Aren’t we all self-proclaimed writers until we fulfil the dream of getting a book published? Haha it’s really cute how we see ourselves with our struggles 🙂 Keep writing 🙂

    Did you watch How I Met Your Mother? ne f the actors there recently published a children’s novel. His forte was acting and music. So he said in an interview “It’s okay to be afraid. I’m not afraid to be bad at something until I’m good at it.”

    I hope we do the same 🙂

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