Save the penguins!

Just heard that the locals of the Antarctica are at risk of going extinct. Why? Climate change. Apparently, Antarctica is the only continent boasting zero-corruption rate and it’s so because I guess the vast majority of the locals are penguins. Emperor penguins to be exact. A couple of fur seals exist though. The minority are research scientists, about 200 of them, who live in containers and spend the whole day asking for directions from the locals.

“Where’s the canteen?”

“Is there a park around here?”

“Where’s the WiFi?”

Guess what they’ll discover after the research is over? That being cold ain’t really that fun! I’ve never been to Antarctica, but I’ve zoomed-in on it really fast on Google Earth. It’s really so white!

extinct penguin

Then why care about the penguins? I really respect them. They’re the only species that are not human, yet control an entire continent. (Wait, is Antarctica a country?) No mean feat. Mind you, they score dates without Tinder and breed in that complex little world.

Climate change! Huh? I know it’s hard to understand some things. Especially since scientists sailing to the Antarctica to research on melting and reducing sea-ice have been reported getting stuck in ice. Is the whole debacle a myth? Aren’t there any writer penguins to shed some light on this?

Moreover, the fact that I’m meant to relate climate change to global warming, then understand how it’s raining in January in Kenya makes the whole thing a puzzle. And why aren’t people so concerned about climate change? Is it a Pandora’s box, yet to be opened? It’s hard to make a generation that only cares when their ice cream is melting get so concerned about melting sea-ice and ice caps in the polar regions. Therefore on such issues, it seems burying our heads in the sand as half of the world turns into desert is much easier. What makes it all worse; when superpower governments look like they’re politicizing the whole thing as if change of government will cause change of climate. Hey Donald Trump!! Hey!

Look … global warming … it’s not a myth …

As of the moment dear third world inhabitant, the ‘climate change’ noise may not be comprehensible but if you need a government grant or scholarship from a first world country, it comes in handy. Because that’s what we have reduced it to. We’ve made it a bone of contention limited to the ‘projectors and slides’. However there are rumors the whole earth is at risk of depletion and self-destruction. I know I won’t be here. Even so, if you can do anything to save this planet, do it! Remember it’s the only planet with candy and chocolate.


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