Hey you; guess I’ll make your sitting on the toilet worthwhile after all. There’s something called ‘sense of belonging’. You don’t belong there. “You belong somewhere where you feel free,” said Tom Petty. Well, that returns us back to your toilet, so … …

I just stumbled on Lupita; guys. She was stuck somewhere in the dry jungle; I guess along Kiserian-Isinya Road (is it?). Well, I know you re-read the post’s title and wondering hey … Anyways, I’m trying to trick you into watching this film. I’ve stalked Lupita upto her (humble beginnings?).

She actually lied that her daddy is a G.S.U Commandant. Really? Prof. Anyang Nyongo should know this. You wouldn’t like to know what auto-correct suggested I correct his name to.

Huh? But at least she reveals some not so clean little secret. That, she ‘doesn’t get to pee in the bush every other day’ like me ‘the writer dog’. If there’s anyone out there wishing to know how to get Lupita into your net, well … … you need a wild animal … and then watch this: ‘THE ROADSIDE’. The slow 30 minute film’s down here.


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